Empire Speed and Design is proud to partner with Hydra Motor Works and AW Designs Tuning as our In-House tuners. Empire Speed and Design offers ECU and TCU tuning via the 'bench tuning' method as well as offering a handheld device which connects via the OBD2 port.

Hydra Motor Works and AW Designs Tuning offers 'stage one' (stock motor and exhaust), 'stage two' (sport catalytic converters, catalytic-delete/race pipes, catalytic-less downpipes, and/or aftermarket exhaust or headers), and 'stage three' (modified motor/upgraded turbos) ECU ad TCU tuning.

Empire Speed and Design offers tuning options for hundreds of applications, including Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren and Porsche, and unlock your vehicle's hidden performance. 

Contact us for options, pricing, and performance statistics that are dyno-proven at the wheels!